ART Soda Series: The Origin Story

ART Soda Series Woofa

After rumors, consumer suspicions, and a plethora of empty Code Red Mountain Dew bottles, the ART Soda Series is finally here. I'm sure it's rather obvious, but this collection of four colorways is the product of a late night soda tasting.

Allow me to paint the picture. It's Worlds 2016, and after a long day of traveling and contest happenings, Darren and I are wondering if we should down the 2-liter of pure red in front of us. On the one hand, why not? On the other, tasting a color is wild, and the outcome could be life-altering. You already know what happens next. We down a considerable amount of 2-liter and fade into a night of laughter.

That could have been the end of it. 

Thankfully, that night would go on to become the subject of conversation between Darren and I. So much so, that I began to slide Darren a bottle of Code Red at every contest we'd attend. At some point, Darren suggested that we do a Code Red colorway. Naturally, I had just tried Berry Fanta for the FIRST time. If we were going to do one soda, why not others? Not long after that phone call, Darren, a seasonal graphic designer, completed the artwork for several iconic sugary drink brands. With the help of the team, the top four were selected.

To think, this is a year and a half in the making! Release info coming soon. Stay tuned.

ART SODA sticker sheet