Banger Pre-order - Dec. 31 8PM EST

As the year marches towards a close, let's take this time to reflect.

Just kidding... There will be plenty of time for reflection in 2018; let's end this year with a bang. Or at least a Banger...


On New Year's Eve at 8PM EST, pre-orders for the Banger will be up for $39. The Banger marks our first plastic return top. It is made of Delrin, a distinct and slick type of plastic that is machined just like our metal return tops. The Banger features a W-shaped profile and comes equipped with a fingerspin-friendly hub. All in all, it's a pretty dope return top. We're stoked to see it drop as we kiss 2017 goodbye. Here are the specs:

Diameter: 57.62 mm 
Width: 44 mm 
Mass: 67.4 grams 

For this pre-order, only ten of each color will be released. They'll be shipped once packaging and stickers arrive. The wait time should be a little over a week.