Berry Fanta Drip Woofa - May 18th 8PM EDT

Berry Fanta Drip Woofa

Before I start, let me say that Berry Fanta is the most ARTIFICIAL thing I have ever tasted... There's no real certainty about what type of berry the drink is supposed to taste like and overall it doesn't seem geniune. Still, I really dig it. It feels good. I'm not sure why. There's something about the deep blue glimmer it has. I'll stop rambiling.

This Friday at 8 PM EDT, Berry Fanta Drip Woofas will drop. These are few in number. Only six will be available. 

I must state that these have the same ultra-matte finish that all Run 1 Woofa have. Just give it a nice denim rub down on the response wall and you'll be fine. These will be available for $50. Their boxes come with the OC logo. You can read more about our Outcasts here.