Champagne Juke - August 10th 8PM EDT

ART Juke

This Friday, at 8 PM EDT, we will be dropping a limited number of Jukes in Champagne. This release marks our second wine related colorway this year, and honestly, we are not mad at it. Champagne is culturally synonymous with celebrations, and its golden hue oozes elegance.

Gold, believe it or not, is a hard color to get right. Too far yellow, shiny, or dull, and you'll have a decent looking crayon. The color requires poise. It is regal after all.

As for the return top itself, the Juke features a step-straight shape that is both comfortable and practical. It is equal parts stability, speed, and maneuverability. At its face, it is the quintessential all-rounder. It spins good.

Specs: 56.5mm / 43.7mm / 66g / $80