Heads Up! 7UP Woofa - May 4th 7PM EDT

HU7U Woofa
This is just a quick heads up. I'll keep this one concise. This Friday at 7 PM EDT, the 7UP Woofa (the first of the four Soda Series colorways) will drop. You can read more about the collection here.
Don't be mistaken, these are not soda blasted. They have the same blast that all Run 1 Woofa share. The supremely matte finish will require a good denim rub down and play to reduce string cutting. These will be available for $50. Their boxes come with the outcast logo. You can read more about our Outcasts here.
Diameter: 55.50 mm 
Width: 44.04 mm
Mass: 65 grams
Price: $50 (Outcast)