Introducing: The Ad-lib


The Ad-lib was almost Shout 2. There was just one issue. Sequels are never better than the original. Never. Everyone agrees on that, and because so, we usually avoid them. That is, until now. (Kinda)

For a couple years we’ve kicked around the idea of revisiting the Shout design. Around the end of last year, the idea popped up again. We started with the Shout’s basic shape and fused it with some of our more recent design elements. We made it really really wide too. (Our widest model yet)

When the first set of prototypes arrived, it was an instant hit with the team. From the first prototype to the second, we drastically shrunk the wall thickness to reposition weight further to the rim and added a design element from the Juke to offset the increase in cup size. 

The result is quite possibly our most unique playing return top yet.  It’s solid and stable yet it has a fluid element to it that creeps in and makes it feel distinctively nimble. The Ad-lib could easily accompany you on the contest stage or just as likely become your go-to practice throw for making tricks.

This pre-production version will be available on 07/21 at 6 PM EDT. Supply is limited.

Specs: 54.9mm / 48mm / 66.5g / $65