Introducing the Woofa+

ART Woofa+

This is the Woofa+. It’s a Woofa, but with more Woofa than the OG. 

The “+” refers to the new 7075 construction. This super strong 7075 version boasts the same curves that made the original extra comfy, but because of the change in material, it weighs in at 68 grams, which is three more than the 6061 version. Boosted power and spin are at the center of this model’s personality, and it plays like it. While the original Woofa was a fun and lighthearted return top, the Woofa+ is its forceful mold-breaking counterpart.

The Woofa+ sports subtle fades and solid-color anodizing; some of the fades are so slight their appearance changes with different lighting. A smooth matte finish completes the return top’s minimalist design for an elegant addition to the Amplified roster.