Juke-Mander - Jan. 29 7PM EST

ART Juke-Mander

Next Tuesday at 7 PM EST, the Juke-mander (the fourth and final Poke-Juke) will drop. This colorway features a splash pattern that we first tried on the "Weatherman" Ovation to create a fiery look. It is sad to see the series come to an end, but there is an odd sense of satisfaction that comes with completion. 

Supply will be limited with only 8 being made available. They are Outcast for ano-flaws and will go for $45.  

Their boxes come with stamped the Outcast logo. You can read more about our Outcasts here.

Diameter: 56.5 mm 
Width: 43.7 mm
Mass: 66.2 grams
Price: $45 (Outcast)