The Catch Up Pt. 4 ft. Juke

Good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening. Buenas Noches. (Depending on wherever you are in the world of course) Wherever you are, hello. Welcome to the ketchup. 

ART Juke Release


Believe it or not, work on this model began in late 2016 as a passion project of our very own Darren Tan. As a new engineering student, he had started dabbling with CAD design in classes and wanted to try his hand at return top design. Just imagine the unique advantage of applying classroom tutelage directly into one of your favorite hobbies. Through its various forms, the Juke has served as a fun lesson in design and weight distribution. I'm happy and proud for Darren that the Juke has turned out to be such a well-rounded return top, a testament to his diligence.

The Juke utilizes a step-straight shape that is both comfortable and utilitarian. If we had to compare it to anything else, we would have to compare it to a hoodie. In the same way that a hoodie balances comfort, warmth, and utility, the Juke does so with stability, speed, and maneuverability. At its face, it is the quintessential all-rounder. It spins good.

This Thursday, on July 12th at 7 PM EDT, Aurora Jukes (pictured) will be dropping. Over the course of the next couple months, we will be releasing solid colors with a fun splash series coming soon after.

Specs: 56.5mm / 43.7mm / 66g / $80