Peach Apple Fade Woofa+ (Jun. 28th 6PM EDT)

Peach Apple Fade Woofa

On Friday at 6PM EDT, the Peach Apple fade Woofa+ will hit our store. Believe it or not, a peach apple is an actual thing. The fade is a subtle pink to copper transition that mirrors the skin of the fruit. They're the last of the last from the current run. If you're still without a Woofa+, this is the best time to scoop one.

The "+" alludes to the new 7075 construction. The Woofa+ features the same shape and design that made the original extra comfy, but due to the change in alloy, it weighs in at 68 grams. Boosted power and spin are at the focal point of this model's identity, and it plays like it.

Supply will be limited with only 9 being made available. They will go for $75.  

Specs: 55.5mm / 44.04mm / 68g