Pika-Juke - Dec. 18 6PM EST


Ash Ketchum fans rejoice! The Pika-Juke is here. Next Tuesday at 6PM EST, we will be releasing a small batch into the wild. 

This will be the first release of an Outcast Poke-Juke colorway. All Outcast Poke-Jukes have ano-flaws. Some are funky. Some are weird. Some are less so, but they are all a tad bit off. The next colorway in the series will drop in the final week of the year.

These will be available for $45. Their boxes come with the Outcast logo. You can read more about our Outcasts here.
Diameter: 56.5 mm 
Width: 43.7 mm
Mass: 66.2 grams
Price: $45 (Outcast)