The Catch Up Pt. 2

Quite a bit has been going on behind the scenes this month, but none of it has  been shared here. We apologize. Let's dive in.

Gaslamp Fantasy

Ovation- Gaslamp Fantasy

Gaslamp Fantasy, a grimy colorway fit for October, was supposed to be a one-hit wonder. It was originally featured in the second Shout run in March of 2016. It happened by complete accident, and we were told It could never be replicated. Now, in late 2017, here we are. 

Would you believe us if we told you this batch was also the product of an accident? What if we added that a completely different person did the anodize work? Would you believe that this anodizer told us the same thing? Well you better. And you better believe us when it happens next year too. 

These will drop October 20th at 8pm EST. Supply is limited. These are going to be offered at Outcast prices ($75) due to too few of them being A-grade. Someone's going get lucky. :)

What is an ART Outcast?


The manufacturing process may be many things, but it certainly isn't perfect. When we come across return tops that aren’t up to ART standards for performance,  anodizing, or machining, we classify them as “Outcast” and mark them down drastically for you. The Outcast logo will come stamped on the box rather than the traditional triple-megaphones logo. At this time, we're not sure how frequently we'll drop OC return tops. We'll experiment with more frequent small drops and less frequent large drops. 

ART Woofa moves into production.


We just wanted to let you know this thing exists. You'll find no fine points or specifics here, just a juicy photo.