The Catch Up Pt. 5

Hey, What's up? Hello. This installment of the catch up is all over the place. Gather some snacks and enjoy. Studies show that reading pairs well with water, pretzels, and chips.

Delays and Defects


The year has been riddled with setbacks and hiccups. The support and understanding from the community throughout the year has made this aspect of my 2018 easier to cope with. Nearly all of our product output has had some defect. Inefficiencies within our supply chain have hurt whatever momentum we began the year with. The hardest part for me has been writing blog post after blog post informing you that yet again something had gone wrong. I have grown to detest my role as the bearer of bad news and your patience is not lost on me. 

North American Anodizing


Our go-to anodizer informed me that he is retiring from the game. I am now on the search for another North American anodize shop to work with. Until a new shop is selected, our models will feature solids and fades done by FPM. 


Juke Bulba

For the remainder of the year, we will be dropping Poke-Jukes. This Thursday at 8 PM EST, the Bulba-Jukes will be up for $80. Only seven will be available. They are the only color in the series that isn't Outcast due to ano-flaw.

The other colors are littered with random splotches and the like. Those will be available later this month at our standard rate for OC Jukes.