Hurricanes, Sneakers, Ovations?

Ovation - Weatherman

Hurricanes? Sneakers? Ovations? None of those things should be related. Yet somehow, I found myself taking pictures of this return top in the midst of Hurricane Irma. Why?

Exhibit A: The Southeast Region of the United States

Hurricane Irma

In the Southeast, we have a season dedicated to hurricanes. It's aptly named "Hurricane Season". Big storms are commonplace. Brave weather forecasters and storm chasers are constantly helping us to prepare, and believe me, they get plenty of air time.   

Exhibit B: The Nike Weatherman Foamposites

Nike Foamposite - Photo by Flight Club

Let me set the scene. Rewind about nine months, it's January, spring semester is starting up, and I'm without a pair of fresh kicks. Shoes are very much on my mind at this time. At some point a random internet search leads me to the Weatherman Foamposites. They were unlike any shoe I had seen prior. I couldn't cop. They were out of stock.

Nevertheless, I knew I wanted to see this look on an Ovation. I called my anodizer, and after some brainstorming about the logistics of crafting weather patterns on a return top, we both reached the conclusion that not only was it a feasible task, it'd probably come out looking pretty dope. And it did. 

These will drop September 20th at 8pm EST. Supply is limited.

(Photos from Flight Club and NOAA)