Woofa Ready or Not?

After several delays, the Woofa is finally here. 


First off, let me say, this is a superb return top. It's got NS10 aesthetics, nice all-around play, smooth string presence, and the colorways are BANGIN.

There's just one minor issue: the blast finish. The blast on these is very chalky feeling and it wears string out quickly. Rubbing the inner gap area with denim helps a decent amount, but that's not the aim here. Point blank, every return top from this run will be labeled an Outcast. (marked down from $80 to $50)

On March 1st at 8PM EST, Reptar Woofas (pictured) will be dropping. Instead of one big Outcast sale, we'll be releasing a colorway from this run periodically over the course of the next few months.

Here are the specs:

Diameter: 55.50 mm 
Width: 44.04 mm 
Mass: 65 grams